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Ice Cream Sunday

Prizing my eyes open at 4am has somehow become a relatively normal occurrence to me as a makeup artist.  It doesn't get much easier, but I guess that it has it's plus points, when you can shoot down the motorway alone avoiding heavy traffic and arriving in Gloucestershire with plenty of time.  I can almost always guarantee smiles and excitement on my arrival too.. even at 6am!  Whats more within a few hours the sun was rising and we were set for a truly gorgeous day!


Em-J was was already glowing before I began makeup so I already had an amazing base to start.  Plenty of water and less sugary snacks she had told me in the weeks leading up to her big day.


I created a flawless base makeup using MAC studio sculpt foundation and concealer and fixed with blot powder.  

Em-J asked me to create a rustic hair style 'loose, messy with plaits' was my brief.  Lucky for me Em-j already has a lovely natural wave to her hair and masses of thick hair too, so I had plenty to play with.  I began by adding two french plaits either side of her head.  One starting further over creating a braid head band effect.  I used Bedhead Hardhead spray to keep in place and once dry used my fingers to pull out the plait a little more.  I then worked with Em-js curls and some heat to create a loose twisty vintage esk style.

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